Traffic Calming

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Laughing We now have the table top needed to slow traffic at the school, which is already doing its job. This particular stretch of road has been a speed hot spot for many years, now of course Parents can safely pick up their children without fear of speeding cars. There is to be another two Table Tops installed at the Village Hall end of the Village. This will make that particular section of road with its sharp bend safer, and stop vehicles from hitting a property that has been damaged at least fourteen times in the past twelve months. It is a sad reflection on some motorists that they have to speed through a Village, and a built up area,which in turn has to have a lot of money spent to negate this awful problem.

There is now a build out at the top of the village stopping speeding traffic hitting the house on the corner, again this had to be done because of inconsiderate drivers, some living locally, please when driving through Cury Village have some consideration for those that live here, and stop playing Russian roulette with peoples lives....