Tenant Particapation

The Cury Resident Association is after years being dormant, up and running again, and we are going to be looking at getting funding to enable the installation of a bench situated at the top of the estate, people can use whilst waiting for the bus etc.

A  question was asked the other day, how could Coastline Housing possibly get more customers involved in the company, get out in the community, let big and small estates know a week before hand that that the NITs team (Neighborhood and Involvement Team) will be pitching their Gazebo or Tent on the estate, saying  please come talk to us, banging on doors simply does not work, it's all very good showing up in Truro,  though for very good reasons, use the same enthusiasm in the areas that belong to customers of Coastline Housing.

Tenants want to see staff out and about, put a name to the voice on the end of the phone, let the Tenant come to staff and ask of them any question they so wish, if know one wants to speak to staff, the day would not have been a complete failure, simply because the company has made the effort to get out there. If the company are really serious about getting people involved, then show it... Where are all the NEW customers, why are the same people sitting at the same meetings, where are all the Newbies signed up at the last involvement (Conference) day.

Respect walk-abouts are fine, but there are many estates that never see any representative of Coastline Housing, accept when there is a repair needed, or their is a problem, where I live I see a member of staff doing neighborhood check ups every few weeks, I see the guys grass cutting the occasional void being dealt, and of course the once a year Stock Tour.

Customers Perceptions can only be changed by actually getting out there and talking to Tenants, letting them know what is on offer, letting them know how to affect change in the community they live in, the areas Tenants live in have to be changed by the customer, if indeed change is needed, it has to be Customer driven, but need the support of Coastline Housing, any decision that is taken, that could affect the estates has to come from the needs of ALL customers, not from the company, this is our house, our area, and we say what we want in our area. we live here. Sending the Coastline Magazine and all other sorts of communication has little or no affect because of the junk mail already received by a majority of customers, use the money to get out there.