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Residents Association Information

Welcome to Cury Residents Association.

We were formed as an Association in 2003 and set ourselves targets
to improve the safety off all Residents that live in Cury.
Our main aim as an Association is Customer based to deal with any and all
Customer problems. One of the first things that were achieved was getting
funding for twenty five thousand pounds and having new play equipment
installed at the play area on Parc Enys (see photos). Where the park is situated is in between the houses,
this ensures safety for the children, and the ability for the parents to watch their children.
There is only one way into the park as there is a locked gate at one end, which
is far to high to climb, and the main entrance to the park is visible through the middle of the estate.
We managed to get the funding from a company called Living Spaces
and the equipment was installed by a company
called Sutcliffe Play. We are sponsored by
Coastline Housing which own three thousand five hundred houses which
is social housing with seven thousand five hundred Customers.
We are as an association here to listen to Customers and what they
wish to have in their community. We then involved
the whole of the community to have traffic calming installed from
the village hall to the primary school. The reason for this is
the road running through Cury is used as a rat run to Helston and Mullion
and suffers from very fast and large volumes of traffic especially in the summer season.
This was again achieved by a lot of hard work from the committee
with a lot of help from Councillor Pam Lynes who got us the funding
needed to have it installed, this has made a huge difference to the
the lives of all that live in the village also made better that there
is street lighting going from the village to Parc Enys.
Also in that particular stretch of road there is a 20mph speed limit.
Our future plans are to extend the street lighting past the school.

We are indeed a very small committee but do not let the
grass grow under our feet. 
Kind regards


2010-10-03 19:06:40

Coastline Housing

TPAS accreditation logo There is a very good reason why a lot of customers of Coastline were delighted this week, first it was a visit to Trelissick Gardens near Truro, Second was to have the CEO of TPAS (Tenant Participation Advisory Service) hand over the TPAS award to Coastline Housing.

This award was achieved  by some very hard work by Staff and customers, all working in partnership, the outcome of that partnership was the TPAS award, a massive achievement by all.

2010-10-03  19:02:37

Cury Church


The Church is situated in the middle of the village and is visible from afar . Its outstanding beauty is visible from both outside the church and within. The church is well known for bringing new visitors to our village during the summer seasons, especially on a Sunday morning when you can hear the bells ringing before and after Sunday service . People of all ages enjoy the peacefulness of the grounds surrounding the church taking time to enjoy the views of mullion, its church. and the headlands of poldhu. We are very lucky to have such a well preserved church in our village.

Parc Enys Play Area